“New Sex Ed Standards In New Jersey Raise Eyebrows”

These are just a few of the expectations that Governor Murphy and educational leaders in New Jersey plan to teach elementary school students this upcoming school year. 

The new curriculum is raising eyebrows across the state and many are questioning the timing of whether it’s necessary to impose a progressive sexual education learning plan following two years of students falling behind in language arts and math, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

In New Jersey’s largest city of Newark, 87 percent of fifth graders are in need of “strong support” for math. Across the state, 4 in 10 fourth graders are in need of “strong support” for English and language arts. 

So it comes as a surprise to many frustrated parents when school boards across the state have considered lesson plans that attempt to teach children about complex issues like gender identity as early as the first grade. 
In a lesson titled ‘Understanding Our Bodies,’ one goal is to teach second graders to identify mature body parts of males and females: