“New Sex Ed Standards In New Jersey Raise Eyebrows”

“List[ing] medically accurate names for body parts, including the genitals.” “Explain common human sexual development and the role of hormones.” “Discuss the range of ways people express their gender…” These are just a few of the expectations that Governor Murphy and educational leaders in New Jersey plan to teach elementary school students this upcoming school […]


Darrell Brooks is the suspect in the Waukesha Christmas Parade incident. The Milwaukee man has been charged with crimes 10 times since 1999.

The driver who plowed through a Christmas parade in downtown Waukesha, killing five people and injuring nearly 50, did so intentionally and is expected to face first-degree homicide counts and other charges, police said Monday.

The suspect, Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, recently had been released from custody in a strikingly similar case, in which he was accused of driving over a woman during a domestic dispute, sending her to the hospital and leaving tire marks on her pant leg.


“Axios on HBO”: Swan challenges Tlaib on emptying federal prisons

On “Axios on HBO,” Jonathan Swan challenged Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) on the sweep of a plan for closing federal prisons that she has endorsed, and is supported by some criminal-justice activists.

  • “[E]veryone’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to just release everybody.’ That’s not — ,” Tlaib said.
  • Swan interjected that the BREATHE Act “actually says: Release everyone” from federal prisons over 10 years.


‘Stretched too thin’: With staff ‘exhausted,’ schools cancel class or return to remote learning

DENVER – School districts across the nation are temporarily closing or switching back to remote learning as school administrators struggle with empty classroomsdriverless buses and understaffed cafeterias caused by widespread teacher exhaustion,  coronavirus concerns and the Great Resignation.

Michigan has in recent weeks seen at least eight schools shut down or return to online learning because of staff shortages. In Florida, Brevard Public Schools said Wednesday it would extend its Thanksgiving break, while public schools in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, gave teachers and students an extra day off for Veterans Day.