‘We got to take white people out’: Rutgers University professor, 41, calls white people ‘villains’, says ‘Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history’ and praises dwindling white birth rates in online discussion

New Jersey professor said that ‘we got to take white people out’ during a discussion on the national backlash on Critical Race Theory. 

Brittney Cooper, 41, a professor at Rutgers University, made the shocking comment during an online discussion with The Root’s Michael Harriot titled Unpacking The Attacks On Critical Race Theory on September 21.

She started by saying on the topic: ‘Kids actually can grasp Critical Race Theory because the issue that the right has, is that Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history.’

She said the accurate portrayal of history was the white people ‘didn’t discover America’ because there were already indigenous people and that they had ‘committed acts of violence in order to make yourselves seem superior.’ 


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Dear Montclair Voters: You’ve Been Had

That’s the bottom line from a new analysis by Michael Lilley of the New Jersey Sunlight Policy Foundation. According to newly-available ELEC data (which reveals campaign donations), when Sean Spiller ran for the position of Montclair Mayor in 2020, his victory was “bought and paid for by hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NJEA and its allies.”


Gun violence is up across the country. It’s changing mayoral politics.

Homicides and shootings are rising and the number of cops is down in cities from Atlanta to Seattle. Crime, as a result, is dominating the mayoral debates.